Centerlines Finance

Centerlines Finance is an airport financial benchmarking analysis tool that allows airport professionals to compare up to 90 different data elements between nearly 100 airports. The analysis toolset utilizes the past six years of the ACI-NA Annual Financial Benchmarking Survey data, and is a subscription service available only to airport survey participants. This desktop toolset allows the downloading of raw data and trending graphs.


Centerlines Finance Toolset Features

  • Compare your performance with other peer airports
  • Improve airport performance and contribute to the bottom line
  • Evaluate and Locate hidden opportunities
  • Download raw results from all participating airports


Annual Subscription Pricing

Three (3) Airport Accounts*
Large Airport Medium Airport Small Airport
$5,500 $4,500 $3,500

* A minimum of three accounts are available, due to license fees 

Airport Size 

  • Large: Greater than 7.0 million enplanements
  • Medium: Greater than 1.9 million enplanements but less than 7 million enplanements
  • Small/Non: Less than 1.9 million enplanements


Compatibility/System Requirements

  • Centerlines Finance is a Desktop analysis tool. Users can download raw database from all participating airports for the past six years.
  • Centerlines Finance works on any Windows desktop or laptop.


Technical Support

  • Your subscription will include phone support, Monday – Friday (7am – 7pm CT) and email support.

Download the Centerlines Finance Information Sheet.

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