Finance Committee

The ACI-NA Finance Committee serves as a forum to exchange information and best practices among fellow airport finance and Associate Member professionals to collectively strategize and advocate on important industry topics which impact airport financial operations and long-term financial viability. 

The Finance Committee develops an annual work plan of projects that will benefit the airport industry and actively provides the ACI-NA Board and other ACI-NA committees with input to key financial and business legislative and/or policy matters, and to coordinate selected initiatives.  Committee members work with federal regulators and aviation industry groups to promote dialogue and an understanding of airport perspectives and daily operational challenges.  The Finance Committee also develops, in coordination with other ACI-NA committees, the agenda for the annual ACI-NA Economics and Human Capital Conference, and is also responsible for ensuring significant airport participation in the annual ACI-NA airport performance benchmarking survey. The Finance Committee actively participates in the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) to leverage the research and resource materials available to the airport community.

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