100% Screening Mandate Goes Into Effect

The focus for late July and early August has been the implementation of the 100% screening mandate for cargo on passenger aircraft that went into effect on August 1st, 2010. ACI-NA spoke with both representatives from the TSA and representatives of the airlines, and there were no reports of major problems occurring. However, August is a low volume period, so there is an increase in cargo volume expected this fall, along with some concern of cargo being left off passenger airplanes and being transported via all-cargo aircraft or other modes of transportation. But as of now, there are no reports of that transpiring yet.

As happened after the mandate for 50% screening, the number applications for the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) have fallen off somewhat. Currently, there are 956 facilities certified as of August 4th. There are still 185 applications in queue for the CCSP, and TSA is working to process those. Additionally, TSA inspectors are going to be out in the field verifying compliance with the screening mandates.

Finally, in discussions with the air carriers, not a lot of challenges were reported. They did have some concerns and challenges with the screening of international inbound cargo that is connecting to another flight in the US because it has to be re-screened. The carriers are working with the TSA to utilize canine and other resources to help with this, but there were no major meltdowns. One of the things carriers have done is that they have told the shippers not to deliver consolidated shipments that have not been screened, but there may be some instances where did this not happen.

An ABC News story on the recent implementation of 100% cargo screening can be viewed by clicking HERE.

For more information on cargo security and screening, please contact Chris Bidwell (cbidwell@aci-na.org).