2011 Concessions Benchmarking Survey Now Open

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2011 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Benchmarking Survey. This Survey is designed by the ACI-NA Concessions Benchmarking Working Group to collect important airport concession data from calendar year 2010.The goal of this project is to build a comprehensive database of key industry measures that member airports can use for comparing and contrasting with their peers. Survey findings will be presented during the 2011 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA on November 7-10, 2011.

The survey contains three parts: Part 1 of the survey collects general information about your airport and its concession program, Part 2 of the survey focuses on food and beverage, and Part 3 of the survey focuses on news gift & specialty retail. Each part of the survey has an individual survey link. You may work on any part of the survey in any order you like. Please follow the instructions below:

  • The full survey can be downloaded in PDF format for your reference. It is suggested that you print out the survey and collect the required data before you log on to enter the information. This will make competing the survey much quicker and easier.  The online survey tool has a “Save and Continue” feature and works by emailing you a unique link that will allow you to return to your survey where you left off. You can find the new “Save and Continue” survey feature after the second survey page, at the top of each page.
  • Definitions are provided for many terms and phrases. Please use these when completing your survey, even if your airport defines categories differently, to ensure consistency across all responses.
  • Please follow the specific instructions for each question regarding the format of the data to be entered. If you enter the wrong data format, you will be alerted and need to enter the right data format in order to proceed. For all questions where a numerical data is required, just enter the whole number without adding the dollar ($) sign, comma (,), or percentage (%) sign. 
  • Please make sure to click the “Submit” button at the end of the survey to submit your response.

Your airport’s participation is critical to the success of the concession benchmarking initiative. Airports of all sizes are strongly encouraged to contribute! Please have your Concession Manager or individual equivalent thereof complete the survey by September 16, 2011.

Only participating airports will receive full access to the survey interactive database, which allows users to make comparisons according to airport’s preference, hub size and displays charts for comparisons. Airports that do not participate in the survey will have access to the raw data only.

To access the survey, please click on the following links:

We greatly appreciate your participation! Your input is vital to the success of the concession benchmarking initiatives. If you have any questions, please contact Aneil Patel at apatel@aci-na.org or (202) 293-8500.