2011 Risk Management Conference - Atlanta, GA

General Session 1

  • The Business of Risk Management at Your Airport
    Stephen Caldwell, Director of Financial Analysis, Budgeting, & Risk Management, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    Rick Price, Director of Risk Management & Insurance, Delta Air Lines

General Session 2

General Session 3

General Session 4

  • Enterprise Risk Management
    Susan Warner Dooley, Vice President, National Director, Aviation Strategic Business and Financial Planning, HNTB Corporation

General Session 6

  • Safety at Your Airport (Part 1)
    Tim Gangnon, Loss Prevention Manager, Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airport Commission
  • Safety at Your Airport (Part 2)
    Ginga Griffin, Program Account Manager, ESIS, Inc. Health, Safety & Environmental Services

    Paul Esposito, VP Management Systems & Audit Practice, ESIS, Inc. Health, Safety & Environmental Services

General Session 8

  • Terrorism (Part 1)
    Stephen Dinsdale, Senior Vice President, Special Products Division, Airports, ACE USA
  • Terrorism (Part 2)
    Scott Gibbons, Risk Manager, Kenton County Airport Board, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • Terrorism (Part 3)
    Bill Hoyt, Insurance Risk Manager, Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan AIrports Commission
  • Terrorism (Part 4)
    Sav Mancieri, Division Leader, Permits, and Regulatory Affairs, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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