2012 Air Service Data and Planning Seminar


January 22-24, 2012 • Long Beach


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Other coverage:

Presentations: Data

Data 1: Demographics: Finding and tapping the valuable information about your community that sets it apart from all others.   Speaker: Hampton Brown, San Diego

Data 2: Schedule Data: Mining trends in airline schedule data that can be used to build your case.

  • Schedule Fundamentals identifies the types of information that is available in schedule data, how to use schedule attributes to identify the types of airlines that should be targeted, and how schedule data can help prioritize airlines most likely to be open to new destination suggestions.   Speaker:  Peter Otradovec, Oliver Wyman
  • Advanced Schedules will cover the integration of schedule data with other types of data, how to use schedule data in developing forecasts to specific carriers, and using schedule data to get a sense of a carrier’s current route strategy. Speakers: James Lundy and Eric Ford; Campbell-Hill

Data 3: T100, Origin & Destination (U.S. data): Explore the largest data base of airline traffic information and how it can be used to demonstrate the viability of your proposed route.   Speaker: Tom Reich, AvPorts

Data 4: Alternatives Sources of Data: Other sources include parking lot surveys and tourism and casino stats. Note: This presentation was prepared and presented using Prezi, a web-based application. This is a live link. Speakers: Jeremiah Gerald, Gulfport; Bryan Dietz, Pittsburgh; Michael La Pier, Myrtle Beach; Scott Schult, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce; Moderator: Brian Belcher, Charleston, W. Va.

Data 5: Ticketing and Booking: Based on airline reservations and tickets, ticketing and booking data can provide an alternative to DOT data for analysis of passenger trends and traffic patterns.

  • The Fundamentals Class will provide examples showing how airports analyze the data. Speaker: Jordan Kayloe, Diio
  • The Advanced Class will show examples focused on airlines analyses. Speaker: Mark Raggio; OAG

Data 6: Quality of Service Index: QSI data attempts to forecast consumer behavior by quantifying the relative attractiveness of different flight options. An airport can use QSI to identify and evaluate new route opportunities.

  • The Fundamental Class will explain what quality of service index (or QSI) is, how it is calculated and how it can be used by airports. Speaker: Alex Welch, InterVISTAS
  • The Advance Class will cover QSI Overview; QSI Uses; Historical Development of QSI Methodologies; Factors Affecting Current QSI and Application of QSI Methodologies. Speaker: Dave Dague, SH&E


Presentations: Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable 1: Inside Secrets to Airline Decision-making. Recent ex-airline route planners will share their insights on how route decisions are being made.   Speakers: Jamie Kogutek, Sixel; Mike Lopez, Seabury APG;  Zach Mensen, InterVISTAS; Moderator: Brad DiFiore, Ailevon. No presentations. See Centerlines Blog.

Roundtable 2: Using Economic Impact Information: How to measure and then use data on the economic impact of a route to secure new service.   Speakers: Chris Minner, Tampa; Mike Maynard, CDM Smith; Moderator: Lucinda Harshman, Pittsburgh

Roundtable 3: Incentives: Working with and around the FAA Guidebook. Incentives programs in Canada. Any common strategies that might work in either nation.   Speakers: Mark Suman, Las Vegas; Chris Mangos, Miami; Chris Wood, Waterloo; Moderator: Barbara Halverstadt, Jacksonville

Roundtable 4: Panel of Airline Reps Share Their Advice. What do the airlines want from airports in a JumpStart presentation?  Speakers: Adam Green, Virgin America; Nicholas Haan, Southwest; Mark Kopczak, Spirit Airlines;   Moderator: Jeff Hartz, Mead & Hunt. No presentations. See Centerlines Blog

Roundtable 5: Why should Air Cargo Data be part of your presentation? Data on air cargo shipments is an important factor to consider when pitching passenger service.   Speakers: Brian Pratte, Reno; Johanne Gallant; Moncton; Derry S. Huff, Amerijet International

Roundtable 6: Hiring a Consultant: Writing a request for proposals for an air service development consultant and then evaluating the proposals.   Speaker: Patricia Rowe, Milwaukee. Dating Game skit: Patricia Rowe, Milwaukee; Kevin Schorr, InterVISTAS; Julie Pondant, Moncton; Molly Waits, Houston; and Justin Meyer, Kansas City.  Roundtable discussion without presentations