2012 Marketing and Communications Conference

June 4-7, 2012 • Sacramento

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MONDAY, June 4

Air Service Working Group

  • The Las Vegas Guidebook decision
  •    Speaker: Thomas R. Devine, Kaplan Kirsch Rockwell
  • JumpStart Report
  •    Speaker: Aneil Patel, ACI-NA


Keynote Address
WestJet, headquartered in Calgary, offers service to 76 cities throughout North America and the Caribbean. Last year it won slots at New York LaGuardia. Earlier this year announced plans to form a regional unit flying 40 turboprops. WestJet expects to begin flying Q400s in late 2013.

  • Introduction: Joel Tkach, Vancouver
  • Speaker: Gregg Saretsky, CEO, WestJet

Irregular Ops: Stuck on the Tarmac
BREAKING NEWS.....Events that cause a flight diversion to your airport now are governed with new regulations requiring each airport to have its own Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan. This includes dangerous flight conditions that force airliners to divert the plane to a runway at another airport. How did the Oct. 29 incident at Hartford's airport change how we respond to these irregular operations. How does the communications team stay on top of the new law? Are you plugged into your airport operations team so you are aware of breaking news at your airport when passengers are stuck on the tarmac?

Moderator: Richard Walsh, Boston


Achieving World Class Customer Service
Let’s face it, our passengers are our customers just as much as they are the customers of the airlines. The basic tenets of great customer service are universal – people want to feel connected to another person and these connections go a long way of reinforcing our brand and attracting more passengers to our airports. Join this stimulating discussion and hear from an airport that routinely receives high customer satisfaction scores as well as seasoned customer service representatives from other industries who have great lessons to share on creating powerful customer connections. 

Moderator: Cheryl Marcell, ACI World


  • Michael Crockatt, Ottawa
  • Jeremiah Gerald, Gulfport (Prezi format, live link)
  • Faith Alchorn-Selk, former customer service manager, Nordstrom’s (no presentation)

Presentation of the 2012 Bushelman Legacy Award

State of the Industry
A review of the economy and aviation trends, both airlines and airports.

Moderator: Cheryl Brown, San Diego

Concurrent 1: Social Media: The Beginners’ Basics: Why? Where? How?
Have you ever asked yourself, why should my airport join the social networking conversation? Where and how should I start? Learn the answers to these questions and more during this session tailored to social media beginners from experts in the field.

Moderator: Brian Belcher, Charleston, W. Va.


Concurrent 2: Social Media: The Graduate Class
So just when your airport gets comfortable with its conversations on Twitter and Facebook, along come a few new kids to the social media block - welcome FourSquare, Pinterest and Google+, to name a few. What are they and how can your airport use them to engage, expand reach and add value to the conversation?

Moderator:  Krista Kealey, Ottawa


Concurrent 3: Reviving the News Release:
Join a lively panel featuring reporters, an airport PR pro and a journalism professor. We’ll discuss how to bring the tried and true news release in to the modern world by using it as a jumping off point for social media content, adding video and graphics. Learn what generates coverage, and some do’s and don’ts for the “new” news release.

Moderator: Karen Doron, Sacramento


Concurrent 4:  A Look at the Challenges to New Carriers in a  Volatile Aviation Industry
Even though the aviation industry is cyclical, it has been particularly unpredictable over the past few years, making us all ask the question, why would anyone want to start an airline now?  Over the past 12 months the cost of fuel makes aviation successes much more volatile.  Our panel will consist of three carrier types, two on the verge of starting up new airlines and one who is investing in the aviation sector and working with multiple regional carriers by retaining their current management to grow their business.

Moderator: Hampton Brown, San Diego


  • Michael Rodyniuk, COO, Exchange Income Corporation
  • Randy Brown, California Pacific Airlines
  • Michael Morisi, COO, PeoplExpress
  • Joshua Newsteder, CEO, CityLink Airlines


Canadian Policy Update
For Canadian airport members an update on the most recent Transport Canada bilateral negotiations will be reviewed.  As well, for those airports who didn’t have a chance to attend the “One of our Airports is Missing” conference held in Toronto on March 20, an overview of the presentations and content from that event will be presented.

Moderator: Carol Hutchins, Edmonton

U.S. Policy Update
With a stated goal of expanding PreCheck to 75 percent of all passenger screenings, the TSA has big plans for its risk-based known traveler program.Learn about PreCheck and other risk-based screening practices that are being introduced this year.

Moderator: Greg Principato, President, ACI-NA

  • Speakers: David Castelveter and Paul Leyh, TSA

Live@YVR: Staging and Managing a Media/Social Media Event
Taking a risk paid off when Vancouver International Airport in 2011 launched a unique public engagement and media relations campaign that saw a special correspondent live, sleep and eat at the airport for 80 days and nights to tell the airport community's stories to the world via online channels.

Moderator: Scott Armstrong, Toronto

  • Speaker:  Rebecca Catley, Vancouver

Tourism Matters
Airports play a major role in facilitating the development of inbound tourism. Millions of visitors arrive by air annually and the airport is the first impression that visitor has of a region. Working with the tourism industry is an integral part of most airports’ air service development program. Learn how airports and the tourism industry are working together to promote their cities/regions as destinations and why it is so important, particularly on the international front, to the economic vitality of a region.

Moderator: Julien DeSchutter, JDA Marketing Consulting


Airline Roundtable: The Big Boys
Moderator: Kevin Schorr, Campbell-Hill

Panel: (no presentations)

  • Mike Britman, US Airways
  • Marquita Fortner, Delta Air Lines
  • Martin Kammerman, United Airlines
  • Steven Rowe, Air Canada

Presentation of the 2012 Communications Contest Awards

Customer Service Takes Off With Latest Airport Apps
Airport customer service climbs to new heights when a mobile application empowers the public with valuable and timely information in the palms of their hands on a mobile device.  What is the best strategy? What are some of the new ideas in the world of airport apps?  We ask the experts in neighboring North American airports for the answers.  Make your airport more customer friendly by APP-lying the latest technology.

Moderator:  Roxanne Butler, Houston


ACI-NA’s Policy Campaign: An Informational Forum
You’ve undoubtedly heard about the ACI-NA’s policy campaign. Like others, you  probably have questions about what it is, and what it means for the future of airports, including yours. We want to hear and answer your questions, and the upcoming meeting in Sacramento provides us with an ideal location and forum in which to do so. This informational forum will update you about the campaign with perception research, and preview resources that will help you communicate the important role that airports play in economic growth and job creation.

Moderator: Greg Principato, President, ACI-NA

  • Speaker: Trevor Francis, Fleishman-Hillard