2015 ACI-NA Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking Survey

Western Management Group, an independent consulting firm, has been engaged by the Airports Council International - North America to develop and conduct an annual compensation survey of positions which are unique within Airports/Airport Authority organizations. Special thanks go out to the members of ACI-NA and the C&B Working Group for their many hours of hard work in ensuring this survey continues to meet your needs and is the premier survey in the airport industry. This survey is available to airports in the U.S. and in Canada.

Materials for the 7th edition of the ACI-NA Comp & Benefits Benchmarking survey will be available in August. Results for the survey will be available in February 2015 and are only available for purchase to those who participate. The Compensation and Benefits Working Group will be meeting over the next few months to determine new jobs to be added to the survey.

The 2014 edition of the survey broke all records with 122 total participants reporting salary results for 100 airport specific jobs.  Of the participants, 110 were U.S. and 12 were Canadian airport/airport authorities.

2015 Survey Schedule:

August 2014                         Distribution of Input Materials

1 August 2014                      Effective date of data

1 November 2014                Deadline for submission of salary data and PolicyCentral benefits update

February 2015                      Final reports available to participants

Final 2015 survey pricing has not yet been determined but will be available with survey materials in August. In the past, pricing has been based on airport size and ranged from $300 - $2900 along with potential discounts up to $300.

Previous Job Match Report available to participants from last year.
If you were a participant last year, your participation this year will be a lot easier. We know that your time is in short supply, so a Previous Job Match Report and a copy of your previous year’s data submission are both available through our website. All you need are your WMG login credentials. If you need your credentials, contact Toni at toni@wmgnet.com.

For a complete list of past participants and airport jobs included in the survey, click here.

The ACI-NA Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking survey includes only jobs that are airport specific.  However, Western Management Group also offers a cross-functional/cross-industry survey, CompBase USA, which is ideal for obtaining survey data for your local geographic area for generic positions that your employment pool is pulled from regardless of industry. We are now offering this survey to ACI-NA survey participants at a huge discount.  If you participate in both the ACI-NA and CompBase USA surveys, you will receive results for a Single Geographic Area cut from CompBase USA for $300 (a $1000 discount!). This survey is offered two times a year giving you a choice of submission dates that works best for you.  If you are interested in Nationwide data, contact Toni McGrath at 408-399-4900 to discuss discount options.  For more information about the CompBase USA survey, click here.

 Western Management Group is a consulting firm whose practice, since 1972, has been exclusively oriented to the development and conduct of third party, specialized compensation surveys. All data received by Western Management Group is safeguarded in accord with the highest professional standards. You may be assured that no company will have independent access to your data. All data for this survey will remain confidential and will not be divulged to any outside party.

We invite and welcome your participation and trust that the resulting report will be of considerable value in the analysis of your compensation programs. Should you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to call Toni McGrath directly at +1 408-399-4900 x229 or toni@wmgnet.com.