2015 ACI-NA/ACC Airport Planning & NEPA Workshop

Attached are the speaker presentations provided during the 2015 ACI-NA/ACC Airport Planning & NEPA Workshop on December 14 – 16, 2015 in Arlington, VA.


December 14

Welcome and Workshop Introduction


Joint Session 1: Overview of the Airport Development Process


Planning Session 1: Starting at the End: The Importance of Setting Effective Planning Goals & Objectives


NEPA Session 1: Review of Updated NEPA Guidance—FAA Order 1050.1F


Planning Session 2:  Getting it Right (Enough): Aviation Activity Forecasting in a Dynamic Environment


NEPA Session 2: Review of the FAA’s Updated NEPA Desk Reference


December 15

Planning Session 3: Developing Defensible Development Alternatives


NEPA Session 3: Taking a Holistic Approach: Sustainability & NEPA


Joint Session 2: The Federal Role: FAA and the Planning Process


Joint Session 3: Sustainable from the Start—Integrating Sustainability into Airport Planning


Planning Session 4: Planning with the Passenger in Mind—Emerging Terminal and Landside Planning Considerations


Planning Session 5: Ask the Experts-Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Airport Planning


December 16


Planning Session 6: Emerging Airfield/Airspace Planning Issues


Joint Session 4: How to Successfully Engage Your Internal and External Stakeholders


Joint Session 5: Bridging the Gap-Ensuring Seamless Integration between Planning & NEPA

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