2016 ACI-NA Concessions Benchmarking Summary Results

The 2016 ACI-NA Concessions Benchmarking Survey incorporates data on concession revenue from 92 airports, reflecting 83 percent of passenger traffic in the United States and 51 percent of traffic in Canada.

Deven Judd, Director, Concessions Leasing & Development from Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Jo-Anne McLean, Director, Air Service and Terminal Business Development from Halifax Stanfield International Airport and, Laurie Noyes, Vice President of Airport Concessions from Tampa International Airport, presented the findings at the 2017 ACI-NA Business of Airports Conference. The survey was broken into three sections: General Information; Food & Beverage; and Duty Free, News, Gift and Specialty Retail. 

Passengers spent an average of $3.52 on news, gift and specialty retail and $6.32 on food and beverage per enplanement in 2015, compared to $3.45 and $6.30 respectively in 2014.  With competition increasing for air travelers’ dollars, airports are embracing local culture to set their concessions apart from the crowd.  More than half of survey respondents’ retail and dining options are of an airport-specific or local/regional brand.

Mobile devices are proving to be an essential platform for promoting concessions: 72 percent of airports reported that they share special concessions offers and information with passengers via their mobile devices.  Meanwhile, almost 90 percent of participating airports monitor their concessions programs and customer satisfaction via social media.

Airport data reported to the FAA showed that total revenue from terminal concessions (food, beverage, retail and services) was $1.9 billion in 2015. Revenue from food and beverage programs at U.S. airports represented 35 percent of the total 2015 terminal concessions revenue; retail represented 40 percent.

The 2016 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Benchmarking Survey presents a comprehensive overview of the data and trends shaping the cornerstone of airports’ non-aeronautical revenue.  Among the survey’s other findings:

  • 56 percent of responding airports have automated retail units, which produce an average gross sales per unit is $86,231.  These units provide immediate access to a vast array of products—from electronics to cosmetics to apparel—and can be found in nearly all large hubs and most medium airports.
  • One area of large growth is the mobile temporary kiosks. Airports’ carts and kiosks programs provide small businesses the opportunity to have an increased presence in concession programs as well as enable airports to cater to ever-evolving market trends and demands.

Download the 2016 Concessions Benchmarking Summary Presentation 

The raw excel database is only available to participating airports and each airport should have already received the raw responses. If your airport participated in this year’s survey and would like to receive the raw data, please email Qinya Pang.

For more information about the concessions benchmarking survey, please contact Qinya Pang.