2016 Risk Management Conference

January 13 - 15, 2016, Nashville, TN

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Wednesday, January 13


FEMA Workshop



Thursday, January 14


General Session 1 – Property Market Overview


Concurrent Session 2a – Risk Benchmarking


Concurrent Session 2b – Strategic Positioning of Risk Management Department


Concurrent Session 3a – Drones/UAV


Concurrent Session 3b – Putting in Place Standards-Based Airport Emergency Plans (AEP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP) as Part of your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Framework


Concurrent Session 4a – Insurance and Bonding Requirements for RFPs


Concurrent Session 4b – ACRP Synthesis 60--Airport Emergency Post-Event Recovery Practices 


General Session 5 – ERM and SMS Working Together in Harmony 


Friday, January 15


General Session 7 – Aviation Liability Update


Concurrent Session 8a – Identifying and Managing Airport Construction Risk



Concurrent Session 9a – Biomechanical Analysis of Injuries


Concurrent Session 9b –  Investigating Accidents and Various Tools We Should All Know About


General Session 10 – Cyber Liability