2017 Business of Airports - Commercial Management Committee Workshop

April 24 - April 26, 2017 - Palm Springs, CA

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Monday, April 24

2016 Concessions Benchmarking Summary Presentation


Present Your Airport’s Upcoming Opportunities


Joint Meeting Commercial Management Committee and Business Diversity Committee 
Required Contract Provisions – AIP Grants and Obligated Sponsors


Tuesday, April 25

Session 1A: Concessions Master Planning – Looking into the Crystal Ball


Session 2A: Airport Lounges – Upgrades and New Options


Session 3A: Cost of Doing Business at Airports (Concessions Perspective)


Wednesday, April 26

Session 4A: Latest Trends in the Airport Concessions Solicitation Process


Session 5A: Advertising Policies and Guidelines


Session 6A: Beyond the Lease: True Partnerships Between Airports and Concessionaires