2017 Business of Airports - Human Resources Committee Workshop

April 24 - April 26, 2017 - Palm Springs, CA

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Monday, April 24

Session 1A: Joint HR and Business Diversity

Social Equity: Economic development, Partnerships, and Planning

Session 2A: HR Working Group Updates

Session 3A: Driving Performance Through Neuroscience


Tuesday, April 25

Session 1D: Remaining Competitive and Relevant in the changing demographics of the workforce

Session 2D: Closing the Gap between Current Skills and Desired Leadership Competencies - Case Study/Focus Group Session

Session 3D1: ACHRO’s Role in Transforming Culture


Wednesday, April 26

Session 4D: Human Resources Response to Crisis and Crisis Recovery

Session 5D: Strategic Capacity and Skillsets Needed For the Future

Session 6D: Big Data in Human Resources