ACI-NA Holds Webinar on Revised FAA Airport Design Circular

On May 17, ACI-NA hosted a webinar to discuss recently-released draft FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5300-13A, Airport Design.  As we have mentioned in prior editions of Centerlines Update, the FAA has made significant changes to the content and format of the AC.  John Dermody, the Manager of FAA’s Airport Engineering Division, and Khalil Kodsi, FAA’s primary point of contact for the AC, were on hand during the webinar to discuss the major changes and updates that appear in the draft AC.  ACI-NA’s Chris Oswald also discussed ACI-NA’s plans to review and comment on the AC.

A recording of the webinar is available hereACI-NA’s and FAA’s presentations from the webinar are also available for download.

We encourage you and your planning and engineering staff to review the new Advisory Circular and provide comments to FAA either directly or via ACI.  , the FAA has instituted a formal comment process, which is described in this Letter to the Industry.  Comments should be submitted in the FAA-provided Comment Matrix and are due back to FAA by July 6, 2012.  Comments should be submitted to

ACI-NA will also be submitting comments on behalf of ACI-NA Members.  If you would like to have your airport’s comments included in ACI-NA’s consolidated submittal, please e-mail them to Chris Oswald ( or Matt Griffin ( by June 22, 2012.