ACRP Begins Search for New Research Projects


Executive Summary:  The Airport Cooperative Research Program is seeking suggestions for fiscal year 2014 research projects that provide near-term solutions airports can readily put into practice..

Issue:  ACRP would like to hold a conference call within the next few weeks to gather ideas for problem statements by identifying problems faced by the airport industry and associated national aviation related committees and organizations that can be solved through research. The purpose for the conference call is to identify and prioritize your research ideas. Some of these ideas will be developed into ACRP Research Need Problem Statements and submitted for funding considerations. Guidance for preparing Research Problem Statements can be found at:

Needed Airport Action:  Please fill out the following survey if you are interested in joining the conference call to voice your ideas for an ACRP Problem Statement: no later than Thursday February 14.

ACI-NA Contacts: Liying Gu