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ACI-NA Discussion Forums provide members with the ability to quickly and easily share ideas with other professionals via email or via this website.

ACI-NA offers discussion forums on a variety of industry-related topics. When you submit a question or suggestion to a forum via email, your submission is automatically distributed to all of the other people in that forum based on each subscriber's communication preferences.  Likewise, when another forum subscriber has a message for the group, you will receive that message and have the ability to reply directly from your e-mail client.

Here are the instructions for members to subscribe to the ACI-NA Discussion Forums.

  1. Click on
  2. Click on First Log-in on left navigation bar.
  3. Insert your email address; review Terms of Use and click on I agree to Terms of Use.
  4. Click on Send me my password.
  5. Once you receive your password, log in.  Once you log in, you will land on the Browse Main Discussion Forum Page.
  6. On “Browse Main Discussion Forums,” select the Discussion Forum topic that is of interest and click.
  7. If a Steering Group member, click on the Steering Groups under Additional Forums in the right nav box
  8. Select your Steering Group and select Subscribe on left nav bar.

Subscribers will receive the following message by email:

"ACI-NA Discussion Forums

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Under Preferences, subscribers should also select their receiving mode:

Help: Receiving Modes

The Receiving Modes option lets you control how frequently you receive messages and the format of the messages. These modes are mutually exclusive, which means that you can't set two different Receiving Modes at the same time. Only some of the modes might be available to specific mailing lists.

  • Standard, Direct Reception
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  • Digest
    Instead of receiving individual mail messages as they are posted, the subscriber will receive a single message at the end of each day that includes all messages posted for that day. This Digest compiles a group of messages from the list, using the multipart/digest MIME format.
  • DigestPlain
    Similar to the Digest option in that the subscriber will receive a single message at the end of each day that includes all messages posted for that day. With DigestPlain the Digest is sent in a plain text format, with all attachments stripped out. DigestPlain is useful if your email software doesn't display multipart/digest format messages well.
  • Nomail
    This mode is used when a subscriber no longer wishes to receive mail from the list, but nevertheless wishes to retain the ability to post to the list or begin receiving messages again later. This mode is useful if you plan to go on vacation and do not want to receive posts while you are away.