Video and Film Productions: 1st Place

Airport Education Video

The Capital Region International Airport (CRIA) faces many of the same challenges that confront other small and midsize regional airports throughout the country. Industry consolidation and other economic trends have resulted in cutbacks in domestic service, creating greater competition for a shrinking number of aircrafts. At the same time, it was clear that the community at large didn’t understand the value of the airport. 

Not only is there a perception that Capital Region International Airport is unable to compete on cost, flight options and reliability, but there is also a lack of appreciation for the economic engine and jobs producer role that the airport provides in the Greater Lansing region. And though airport staff is dedicated to educating the community, many thought leaders still are not fully informed about Capital Region International Airport’s economic impact. The video aimed to tell this story as a way to reduce leakage to other Michigan airports by driving awareness and improving consideration. “Paper Airplane” communicated that the CRIA is the best option to meet their needs for them, their family, their business and their community.

Project Goals: 

  • To reduce leakage to other neighboring Michigan airports
  • To increase awareness of the Capital Region International Airport as a valuable community asset
  • To highlight the airport as a convenient, reliable, cost-competitive regional alternative
  • To energize regional business leaders to engage and advocate in these key messages


The video was produced by Pace Marketing & Communications, CRIA contract marketing partner. The development process consisted of audience research, review of airport data and statistics to ensure CRIA objectives were met, specifically:

  • Definition of business goals and communication objectives
  • Identification of audience insights
  • Development of strategy and general content to ensure CRIA brand position and messaging
  • Writing of a script
  • Illustration of multiple airport and community scenes
  • Art direction and video edit


The video has been used as a presentation tool to introduce the 2013-14 CRIA strategic plan and to gain financial support for air service development from key business leaders in the Greater Lansing area. It has also been used by the Mid-Michigan Business Travel Coalition and the Lansing Chamber of Commerce to promote a “fly local” message. In 2014, the video will be edited to a :30 TV spot with key segments purposed for social media. The reception of the message by business influencers has been outstanding, with viewers noting the video was “exceptional” and “crucial” in relating the importance of the airport to the Greater Lansing economy.


The video was produced by Pace Marketing & Communications at a cost of $20,000. This included concept and script development, art direction, storyboards, illustrations, edit and presentation of the video. Approximately 20 hours of staff time was utilized to oversee the project.