Airport Traffic Reports

North America handles more passengers and cargo than any other worldwide region - more than half of the world's busiest 20 airports are in our region. The following statistics represent estimates for every ACI-NA member airport.

Top 5 Busiest North American Airports - 2014 Traffic Count  

Top Passenger Top Cargo Total Movements
Atlanta Memphis Chicago O'Hare
Los Angeles Anchorage Atlanta
Chicago O'Hare Louisville Los Angeles
Dallas/Ft Worth Miami Dallas/Ft Worth
Denver Los Angeles  Denver


Ranking only includes airports participating in the ACI annual stats collection.
1. Total Passengers: arriving + departing passengers + direct transit passengers counted once.
2. Total Cargo: loaded + unloaded freight + mail in metric tonnes. Data includes transit freight.
Total Movements: landing + take off of an aircraft.

ACI World Traffic Statistics (includes Passenger, Cargo and Movements)

2014 ACI-NA Airport Traffic Report

The 2014 ACI-NA Airport Traffic Report, produced by ACI World Headquarters in Montréal, Canada, contains passenger, freight/mail and aircraft operations data for 201 North American airports. Data, as presented in the report, is for calendar year 2014 or the most recent twelve-month reporting period available.

Commercial passenger information includes domestic and international enplanements, total and international passengers, direct transit passengers, non-revenue passengers, previous year's data and percent change between 2014 and 2013.

Freight/mail statistics are divided into the two separate categories when available. The information solicited was air freight (including express) and mail which was enplaned and deplaned at the reporting airport. Total freight and mail and total international freight and mail is provided, as well as the percent change in cargo growth between 2014 and 2013.

If you have any questions regarding traffic statistics or are interested in obtaining a Excel file of the 2014 North America Traffic Report please contact Economic Affairs at (202) 293-8500 or via email at

The information contained in ACI Traffic Reports has been complied on information submitted to Airports Council International (ACI). Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, ACI shall not be held responsible for loss or damage caused by errors, omission, misprints or misinterpretation of the contents hereof.