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Committee Workshop Presentations


Tuesday, April 19

Conference Welcome


Airport Winter Operations—Condition Reporting, Aircraft Braking, Deicing and More

Part 1 New Winter Operations Reporting Requirements

Part 2 SLC Deicing Facility Update


Wednesday, April 20

Plenary Session: Terminal Velocity—Where is North American Airport Terminal Design Heading and How Fast Will We Get There?


Plenary Session: Unmanned Aircraft—Evolving Issues for North American Airports


Concurrent Session 1A: All in the Palm of Your Hand—The Role of Mobile Devices


Concurrent Session 1B: Centralized Receiving and Distribution Facilities—Are They Right for Your Airport?


Concurrent Session 1C: Flight Procedures and Noise—What’s the Latest?


Concurrent Session 2A: Pulling Together–How Airports and Airlines can Enhance Collaboration in Operations


Concurrent Session 2B: Baggage Handling Systems—Implications of Revised TSA Guidance


Concurrent Session 2C: ACI-NA Environmental Award Project Showcase


Concurrent Session 3A: Enhancing First Response—Are There Consistent Lessons from Recent Airport Incidents?


Concurrent Session 3B: Airport Obstruction and Land Use Issues


Concurrent Session 3C: Airport Facility Management Challenges in the 2020s–What’s the Way Forward?


Concurrent Session 4A: Securing the Perimeter—How Can Technology Help?


Concurrent Session 4B: Airport Parking Trends and Issues


Concurrent Session 4C: ACRP Energy Projects


Thursday, April 21

Innovative Sustainability Partnerships


Terminal Waste Management / Recycling


Keep Austin Green: Local Environmental and Sustainability Solutions


Airport Safety Management Systems


FAA Update


Apron Safety Handbook Rollout