Australia Pilots Extending SmartGate to U.S. Global Entry Members

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service announced that U.S. citizens who are members of Global Entry (Including those who receive their benefits through NEXUS and SENTRI) are eligible to use Australia’s automated border processing system, SmartGate, on a pilot basis.  This will allow eligible U.S. Global Entry members to bypass Australia’s manual processing and queuing system and self-process using their ePassport.  The CBP press release is at

However, this does not mean that the CBP is close to reaching agreement with their Australian counterparts on allowing eligible Australians to enroll in Global Entry.  There is no timetable from Australia yet on when they would be able to do the necessary background checks on their own citizens in order to vet their potential participation in Global Entry.