Brochures: 1st Place


In an increasingly digital age, printed promotional collateral is, in some ways, waning in relevance.

The Gander International Airport aimed to produce a functional brochure for the flight crews of approximately 3,000 international flights that technical stop at Gander. I idea was to produce some relevant flight planning information combined with light selling and something functional, in this case an oceanic navigational chart. These charts are not for flight planning or navigation, but we understood there was a large segment of transatlantic pilots who like these as a reference point, instructional tool and keepsake as they are difficult to get.

The 14x18” six-fold brochure/map (Brap? Chartchure?) was made available at the airport’s crew lounge and also at specific conferences targeting pilots.

Entry Statement

Project Goals: 

To produce a relevant brochure with functionality to highlight Gander's key exemplars to pilots.


The brochure was designed entirely in house with no external agency or talent. Printing was done by Transcontinental Printing. The original print run was 1,000 but 4,500 copies were eventually produced.


The brochures were printed in February, but needed to be replenished by June. Two additional printings have been required since then, meaning 4,450 maps have been distributed to or picked up by flight crews.
We have received numerous comments from users about how they like to have the maps.


Cost of printing 4,500 copies was $1,200, or $0.27 per map. Cost of design, using in-house staff “sweat” was 5 hours x $40/hour = $200.