Business Information Technology Seminar

Sept. 8-9, 2012  ♦ Calgary

Attached are the speaker presentations provided during the 2012 ACI-NA Business Information Technology Pre-Conference Seminar on Sept. 8-9 prior to the 2012 ACI-NA/World Annual Conference and Exhibition in Calgary.


Sept. 8

Session 1: Welcome & Airport Hot Topics

Session 2: Alternative Models for Delivery of Airport IT Services

Short Session 1: PCI Update from VISA Europe and IATA

Session 3: Implementing the Cloud: Real World Lessons

Short Session 2: Committee Updates

  • AIDX – Jim Miller, Denver International Airport

Sept. 9

Session 5: Cyber-Security in a Connected World

Session 6: Small Airport Challenges

Session 7: Managing the Data Management Systems

(Joint Session with Operations and Technical Affairs Committee)

Session 8: Business Processes & Best Practices

  • Dave Ruch, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

2012 ACI IT Trends Survey Update

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