Committee Seeking Hosts for 2014 and 2015 Events

The ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Steering Group is about to consider host cities for four Committee Conferences events over a two-year span – 2014 and 2015. Thus, we are looking for four separate cities.

To be fair, open and transparent, a new system has been established for potential host cities to advise the Steering Group of their interest and – more importantly – the merits of their community.

Please use the attached form to self-nominate your community if you are interested. By using this form, you provide the Steering Group and the ACI-NA Conference Department the critical background information on your community so that the initial assessment can be made. The system is designed to provide a level-playing field for all interested cities. Complete all the questions on this form and then provide no more than a 350-word description of your community. This answer can be on the back of the form or a separate piece of paper. Do not attach brochures or any other sales items as those materials will not be passed onto the Steering Group. You will be asked to provide the URL of your tourism/convention bureau site so those interested can explore it. This is your sale pitch document as there will be NO PRESENTATIONS, per ACI-NA policy, directly to the Steering Group.

Some guidance in selling your community to the Steering Group – sell us only the area where the event will be hosted – downtown, the central shopping district, a particular suburb, the airport, a nearby historic area, a resort. While your entire community may be a great place to visit, most seminar attendees won’t have cars or time to travel to a suburban amusement park or across town to an arts district. If you have an efficient and affordable mass transit system that can easily connect the conference site to your more distance amenities, then do note that.

The process:

  • Submit this form by FRIDAY, MAY 11 to ACI-NA
  • All forms will be reviewed by the Conference Department and then distributed to the Steering Group members.
  • On June 4, meeting in Sacramento, the Steering Group will select two cities for each event. Potentially, 8 cities could be selected.
  • Once the cities have been selected, the Conference Department is in full control of the process.
  • At some point, the Conference Department will approach the convention/tourism bureaus in these cities to begin the formal request for proposal process.
  • Once a hotel contract is signed, the details will be announced to the Steering Group and Committee

 One more point – the Steering Group works to move the events around – East-West, Midwest-South, U.S.-Canada. – trying to avoid meeting in the same time zone or region for two meetings in a row. A list of all past, present and known future event hosts is on the Committee’s website, look it over. If you have a question, reach out to a past host.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a future ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Committee Event. If you have any questions concerning the form or process, please write or call me.