Communications Materials for ACI-NA Summer PFC Increase Campaign

On June 17, ACI-NA U.S. Government Affairs hosted a webinar for U.S. airport directors to introduce ACI-NA's summer campaign to push for an increase of the passenger facility charge (PFC) and ensure that Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding is not again used to fix sequester-mandated budgetary problems that could again occur in fiscal year 2014.  The webinar's centerpiece was the ACI-NA Summer Airport Activation Kit, which featured a range of communications materials designed for airports to use to engage their local media, members of Congress, and the communities they serve.  These include:

We'd also like to share with you a suggested social media calendar pertaining to the ongoing Airports for the Future campaign, which dovetails with the PFC/AIP camapaign:

As we head toward August, now is the ideal time to plan how you might share your airport's message in support of this campaign.  These resources no doubt already have been shared with you by your airport director, and we hope that you have found them to be useful supplements to your own great ideas.