Print Advertising: 1st Place

Community Print Ads

Through research, the Capital Region International Airport (CRIA) discovered that community loyalty to the Airport was not strong in its target market, where it also competes with the state’s major airport – Detroit Metropolitan – and regional airports in Grand Rapids and Flint. In 2013, CRIA developed a campaign to improve consumer awareness and generate greater loyalty to the Airport. As part of that campaign, print ads were developed to demonstrate commitment to the community by supporting and celebrating local “cultural destinations” in the greater Lansing area – in this case, the Lansing Symphony Orchestra and the Wharton Center for Performing Arts.

Project Goals: 

  • Build loyalty in the community.
  • Demonstrate commitment to local community organizations.


CRIA partnered with Pace Marketing & Communications, a contracted marketing partner, to develop print ads to celebrate these organizations. Compelling visuals were used to deliver meaningful information (performers and event dates) blended with unexpected Airport terminology (arrivals, destinations). All messaging laddering up to the Airport brand “Travel Simplified.”


By sponsorship and celebrating these institutions, we deliver the notion that CRIA is a loyal partner to our community and that we are dedicated to supporting jobs, promoting tourism and advancing our region. CRIA received positive feedback from target audiences, and has just recently received a 2013 Addy creative award for the creative product.


The budget for the print ads was $5,000 and included concept development, writing and design.