Newsletters: 1st Place

Connections Newsletter

CONNECTIONS is a digital newsletter produced by the Port of Seattle for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The newsletter is optimized for interactivity, so please visit For PDF of newsletter see “Attachment-Connections Newsletter.” This newsletter features the ports’ new vivid brand design elements, compelling photos and brief copy to engage readers. It highlights facility upgrades, operations, stewardship and the customer experience at our airport. The base audience includes employees of airport retail & dining, airlines, flight crews, air cargo employees, ramp workers, federal agency employees, customer service providers, contractors, service providers, drivers, other tenants and port staff. 

The single most comprehensive piece about the airport, CONNECTIONS is published two to four times a year and distributed electronically to 5,000 subscribers, with a link posted on the airport Web site. It also is printed and copies mailed to more than 500 travel agents, elected officials, agencies, labor representatives, stakeholders and others interested in the airport. Many employees do not work at computers and receive a printed copy at their work site. CONNECTIONS newsletter also serves as a handout for the news media, at events and speaking engagements.

Project Goals: 
  • Share news about offerings, programs amenities and facilities at the airport
  • Model environmental stewardship by showcasing airport programs
  • Support airlines, concessions, fire department and tenants by publicizing their activities
  • Illustrate how Sea-Tac is contributing infrastructure to benefit the region and state
  • Make employees airport ambassadors by keeping them abreast of changes at Sea-Tac
  • Showcase how the port and employees are involved in education and the airport community
  • Promote community policing by highlighting activities of Port Police Department
  • Increase a sense of pride in the airport as a workplace and regional facility and asset
  • Show the regional role, economic impact and job creating contributions of the airport

Writing, editing, and photography are done in-house and conversion of publication to interactive format also done in-house; graphic design by outside firm, Total Creative, Inc., Seattle, and printing by Windward Press, Seattle.


The electronic version is sent to 5,000 subscribers and typically receives about 400 unique visits and 4,300 page visits upon release. Although we print about 4,500 hard copies, we estimate the readership at up to 14,000 because a single copy is read by multiple employees in settings such as workplace lunchrooms and bus stops or taken home. There is a link to the newsletter on the airport home page, which gets 200,000 unique visitors a month. Feedback is exceptionally positive. We often receive requests to add names to the mailing list.


Graphic design cost of first issue was $4,132, but subsequent per issue layout cost - about $2,850; printing 4,500 copies - $2,850. Staff time is less than 10 percent of editor’s workload. Per copy cost (hard copy): about $1.24