CVG Flight Lines


In the age of social media and in-boxes overflowing with spam, email might seem like an outdated means to engage with our stakeholders and the public. Yet with the right strategy and discipline, email newsletters can be a great platform for driving a high degree of engagement and action. We call our’s Flight Lines. We have found synergy in using our website to grow our email subscriber base while, in turn, structuring our e-newsletters to drive traffic back to our website and social media platforms.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

To continue growing our opt-in subscriber list at least 10% annually, while keeping our unsubscribe rate below 1%. We never want readers to regret opening an email, so we keep Flight Lines short and to the point, so subscribers can view them at a glance. We take care to focus the content on information of interest to the general public (new flights, special fares, parking discounts, etc.)

2. Production: 

The brevity of the content in Flight Lines keeps readers interested and engaged. It encourages them to click to our website or our partners’ websites to download coupons or redeem special offers. The short format is also easy to read on mobile devices. To further maintain reader interest, we limit email sends to once a month, except in cases of extraordinary news of specific interest to our readers.

There is also a strong PR component. CVG exists in a highly competitive market, surrounded by five other airports within approximately 90 minutes (CMH, DAY, IND, LEX, SDF). We regularly publish a list of Fare Deals to highlight CVG’s competitiveness.

We continually grow our subscriber base by offering coupons via our website and enabling people to volunteer their emails to receive future offers. Our subscribers are often the first to hear about deals and special discounts, which instills loyalty. We also grow our subscriber list through contests and special promotions.

3. Evaluation: 

In 2015 and 2016 our opt-in subscriber list has grown 26% to more than 80,000 subscribers. More than 60,000 people have downloaded web coupons, many of whom also have signed up as Flight Lines subscribers. The subscriber base is highly engaged. Open and read rates are consistently as high as 30%. The system is set to deactivate subscribers who do not open any emails in a 90-day period, which means all of our current subscribers are actively engaged at least quarterly.

4. Budget: 

We use the Exact Target email platform at an annual cost of $10,700. Staff time to compose the content equals approximately $3,100.