Day 1 Report from Air Cargo Conference

Posted June 2, 2011 on Centerlines Blog by Liying Gu

For the first time, the ACI-NA Air Cargo Conferenceis being held in the nation’s capital from June 1-2, 2011. It attracted over 100 pre-registered attendees, including airport cargo managers, cargo airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, and air cargo industry experts.

Lynn Hampton, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority(MWAA) opened the conference Wednesday by welcoming everybody to the D.C. area. She immediately drew the attention of the audience to the cargo business opportunities at the Dulles International Airport(IAD). According to the Boeing cargo forecast, cargo will grow at an average annual rate of 5.2-6.6 percent in the next 20 years.  

The Washington metro area is the fourth largest city by population with 8.5 million residents. The area ranks first in median household income at $85,200. There is a large public and private sector corporate presence. All these lay a solid foundation for the growth of cargo business at IAD.

Lynn further explained the advantage of IAD being ideally situated as a gateway for both passengers and cargo. The IAD airport is strategically located at the heart of the East Coast air cargo market. It has overnight access to all eastern, mid-western and Canadian markets. Approximately 56 percent of the US population resides in areas within overnight delivery from Dulles.   

Increased airfreight at IAD has a significant impact on local economy. Washington airports carried more than $13.4 billion in air exports. Virginia, D.C., and Maryland account for 40 percent of total exports.

Dulles is the only east coast gateway with the infrastructure and significant room for expansion.  Hampton encouraged conference attendees to share their ideas on how to grow cargo business at IAD.

MWAA will also be hosting an evening event at the historic Terminal A of the Reagan National Airport.