DFW International Airport’s Holiday Parking Campaign

Marketing Campaigns-Large Airport

In December 2015, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport developed a parking campaign encouraging travelers to “find joy” this holiday season. The campaign targeted the 3.14 million customers expected to fly through DFW December 16, 2015 through January 3, 2016.

The campaign was developed to provide DFW’s Parking Business Unit with a variable pricing promotion to attract new customers to trial of their premium parking product,;Terminal parking, during the holiday season. Terminal parking featured benefits are close-to-gate with garage -covered, parking.

Consequently, DFW launched it’s first-ever “Park 3, Get 3” free Terminal Parking promotion, which gifted all customers who parked at least three (3) consecutive days in Terminal Parking between Dec. 18 and Dec. 31 the next three days for free, a savings of up to $66.

To further provide joy to customers at DFW, the Airport provided complimentary luggage porters, gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, Holiday Helpers, updated mobile app functions, and oversized walk-in gift boxes throughout the terminal for photo and social media sharing opportunities.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

The “Park 3, Get 3” free Terminal parking campaign featured clear messaging focused on finding joy and hassle-free parking with each component prominently featuring the promotional discount.

To generate awareness among the target audience, consisting of men and women ages 25-64 who live in the DFW Metroplex and are interested in travel, and to convert drop-off leisure travelers and those using other transportation into Terminal Parkers at DFW, the following campaign elements were used:
 Search Engine Optimization (SEM) and SEO – optimize paid and organic placement during customers’ search for parking options at DFW
 Radio Advertising - :10 and :15 spots on 17 various genre stations within DFW DMA
 Online Banner Ads – Various animated sizes placed through general market and travel platforms
 Social Media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
 Media Outreach - The targeted media strategy focused on national and local placements for both print and online, as well as full social media integration through Facebook and Foursquare.
 DFW Airport website (homepage banner and feature article) and enewsletter– travelers frequent the DFW Airport website prior to arriving at the Airport to find flight information

Additionally, this campaign was complemented by an on-site #DFWFindJoy Holiday promotion featuring the message of, “Download the DFW Mobile app to enjoy the gift of stress-free parking.” This secondary campaign was executed through on-site signage such as sandwich boards, column wraps and banners, as well as through social media, website and gift card holders.

2. Production: 

The campaign was led by DFW Airport and supported by PAVLOV Advertising, DFW’s business-to-consumer advertising agency.

Internal resources included creative direction and overall campaign management/coordination by DFW Airport marketing team members, on-Airport implementation, management of social media and website communications, as well as measurement and monitoring of the campaign’s success. In working with DFW Airport, PAVLOV managed the development of the campaign concept, creative design, copy writing, production of campaign elements, public relations and media planning and buying.

3. Evaluation: 

Overall, from December 16, 2015, through January 3, 2016, this parking promotion generated $150,000 in incremental revenue and the Airport estimates $17,000 in future revenue from these return customers continuing to park at DFW. December’s revenue exceeded the previous fiscal year’s month by $482,000.

PR coverage throughout the promotional period included 4 print articles, 13 online articles and 4 TV broadcast segments with a total media value of $515,095.12.

Online partners Sojern and Adara over-delivered a total of 50,962 impressions as added value delivering 2,896 total clicks. Google AdWords delivered the highest click through rate of .36 and garnered 2,315 clicks.

224 total radio traffic spots were purchased over-delivering impressions by 25% (1,467,479 free impressions). 94.6 GRPs were delivered.

Prior to December 18th, parking behavior was trending away from Terminal to surface lots (Remote and Express). After December 18th, total on-airport parking occupancy growth accelerated and parking behavior trended up at all lots providing a positive trend for Terminal Parking.

4. Budget: 

Total cost of the campaign was under $62,000 USD. DFW utilized on-airport staff and support to help implement pieces of the program including gift card giveaways and Holiday Helpers.

• Agency services (account service, design, public relations, media relations, copywriting): $12,266.25
• Production services (radio recording, talent): $2,984.80
• Advertising
o Radio: $22,388.71
o Digital (SEM, Adara, Sojern): $24,105.26