Annual Reports: 1st Place

EIA’s 2012 Annual Report

“Creating an exceptional passenger experience” was a ubiquitous theme throughout Edmonton International Airport’s Expansion 2012 project, and also the subtitle for EIA’s 2012 Annual Report. EIA’s 2012 Annual Report sought to capture much of the excitement around the 2012 expansions as well as the airport’s post-expansion strategic direction in which the passenger is the primary customer and stakeholder. With this in mind, the 2012 report was published in the style of an airline in-flight magazine, with the title The Passenger. Written in friendly, accessible prose and published in glossy magazine format, the magazine features human-interest content not typically found in an annual report. For example, it included passenger ‘profiles’ featuring a diverse cast of EIA passengers: a child, a business executive, a fashion designer and the University of Alberta swim team and engaging profiles of EIA’s CEO and board chairman.

Project Goals: 

  • To deliver EIA’s required annual financial performance, corporate governance information and other required disclosure
  • To deliver the content in an engaging and readable manner
  • To capture the excitement generated by EIA’s Expansion 2012 project and excitement about new services and routes
  • To highlight the airport’s successful delivery of more routes to more places, in keeping with its brand promise
  • To further advance the EIA brand to audiences beyond typical readers of an annual report


EIA’s 2012 Annual Report was published by DDB Edmonton, with content provided by EIA employees, written by freelance writer Lisa Austin, and printed externally.


The 2012 Annual Report was distributed to all EIA board members at the 2012 Annual Public Meeting, and to other regional stakeholders. The publication was very well received, with a frequent comment being that readers had mistaken it for a magazine in business waiting rooms, and other locations.


$43,639 Total Budget
Budget Breakdown:

$27,967 – production
$9,077 - photography
$6,595 – printing

Entry files: