EIA's 2013 Annual Report - Hello

Annual Reports

Following the completion of Expansion 2012, Edmonton International Airport (EIA) was looking to tell a new story with its 2013 Annual Report. Instead of a conversation about building, this direction was all about introductions. The ‘Hello’ theme introduced new routes, new shopping and dining, new accommodation and new faces to the Edmonton public. It also said hello to a bold new direction in art direction – one that moved away from traditional photography to a stylized custom illustration.

Entry Statement

Project Goals:

In the sea of corporate aviation communication materials, this annual report was designed to stand apart and give EIA a more approachable and friendly image. By keeping it tactile and playful, the goal was to engage the audience to experience annual reports in a brand new way. The inclusion of a custom stamp continued the ‘Hello' theme by encouraging recipients to fill out the postcards and send messages to their friends and family. The illustrations also provided a suite of assets that could not only to be utilized within the report but throughout the airport on signage, hoarding and as part of corporate presentations.


Edmonton International Airport’s 2013 Annual Report was produced as a result of a collaboration of internal resources, a contracted writer and DDB Canada, a world-renowned marketing agency. EIA provided content and strategic direction to the outside resources, who put together an early draft of the project. The report was then reviewed, edited and resubmitted a number of times until a finished project was created that the airport was proud of. The package, adorned by airplanes, bound together a book and postcard series, showcased EIA’s brand identity to the public and inspired users to interact and explore EIA’s story in a variety of different ways.


The final product accurately conveyed the information legally required, while creatively building on the EIA brand. The package was released at EIA’s Annual General Meeting and was positively received by the ~150 business leaders and stakeholders in attendance. The visuals produced as a result of this annual report were used for more than a year after their creation in the terminal. There is no accurate system for us to measure the use of the EIA stamps, but positive feedback was received via social media and passenger comment cards.


EIA Costs

  • Staff time – ~40 employee hours
  • Contractor Costs
  • External writing – $8,610.00 (taxes included)
  • DDB Canada’s Costs
  • Agency fees - $10,185.00
  • Illustration - $6,585.00
  • Photography - $3,000.00
  • Proofreading - $1,325.00
  • Printing - $8,737.00
  • Stamps - $582.50
  • Couriers - $133.00
  • Agency total - $32,074.88 (taxes included)

Total cost - $40,684.88 and ~40 employee hours