Marketing Campaigns: 1st Place

Enjoy the Journey

This deep and wide reaching campaign was designed to engage and educate travelers in the entire Northeast Ohio service territory about our core brand position- saving travelers time and money so they can enjoy the journey more.

We evolved our brand position that had previously been strongly linked to AirTran Airways, their destinations and fares, to one that was focused on our unique brand position. AirTran was acquired by Southwest Airlines in late 2011 (with much of their integration happening in 2014 here at CAK) requiring us to rethink our messaging in the region. Our key market differentiators including “lowest average fare in the state of Ohio” and “easy, relaxing airport experience” weren’t impacted, so our baseline was still strong.

We also needed to look closely at the advertising tactics and platforms we used communicate with our Customers. We have gradually moved towards digital advertising. We wanted however, to be more intentional about it. We conducted customer intercepts, along with reviewing Scarborough Research data, and the MRI double base to inform our digital strategy and align our overall advertising strategy with our Customer’s media preferences. As a result, we shifted some advertising from television to top performing online sites like, Pandora, and TV websites. We also shifted some budget from online travel agencies to mobile advertising.

We used video footage from an earlier brand video photo shoot, to build the creative inventory. That included 8 @15 second advertisements used for both our TV sponsorships and for pre-roll video ads on the digital sites. We also created mobile ads, static digital ads, and used images from the video on our website to create continuity. This approach gave us a deep inventory, keeping the message and visuals fresh at a very low cost. Adding to the efficiency of the campaign, we used our employees, tenants and airline partners as talent. This also gave the campaign a very effective and authentic feel.

Project Goals: 

1. Create an integrated marketing campaign to deepen our connection with our Customers and move away from a brand closely linked with a single airline.
2. Do it efficiently and at a low cost
3. Expand into more digital and mobile advertising platforms (based on research of consumer behavior) to drive new traffic to our website
4. Determine key messages to set the tone for all communication tactics- social, traditional, and mobile.


We used our longtime partners- Derby Brand Advertising and Authentic Films to create the various ads. Both partners worked on the brand video and were able to find additional film footage that perfectly matched our project goals.


The best metric for digital advertising is click through rate (the gross impressions for the campaign is 21.8 million through December 2013). We were blown away with our .60 click through rate from Pandora (generating 17,393 clicks) and our whopping .70 click through on (generating 7,406 clicks) for the June-December timeframe. and the TV websites drove new traffic and were all top 25 Referrers to our website (source: Google Analytics December 2013 report). These click through rates increased total visits to our website by 10% on average (from approximately 170,000 site visits to 188,000 monthly).



$7,000 – Communications Platform
$55,000- 8 @ 15 second video ads (TV and online pre-roll) production
$22,000- online banner production
$84,000 total

Working media

$350,000 (TV and online pre-roll)
$125,000 (online banner ads)
$475,000 total