Environmental Affairs Committee Workshop - 2017 Annual Conference

Environmental Affairs Committee Workshop Agenda

Airport Carbon Accreditation Working Session
Panagiotis Karamanos
Senior Advisor
Airport Carbon Accreditation


Dean Mericas, Mead & Hunt

Rob Freeman, Airport Environmental Manager, Los Angeles World Airports
Fred Walker, Frederick Walker Consultant LLC, Retired AF Chief Fire Protection Engineer
Erika Houtz, Project Environmental Engineer, Arcadis
Andrew Thalheimer, National Remediation and Risk Control Leader, Dillon Consultants

What’s New in Wildlife Hazard Management

Kevin Gurchak, VP Sustainability and Natural Resources, Pittsburgh International Airport
Allegheny County

Jordan Biegler, Compliance Manager for Airfield Operations, Tampa International Airport
Stephen Bucciarelli, Owner, Predator Bird Services
Cathy Boyles, Wildlife Administrator, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Rob Kikilus, Operations Manager, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

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