Environmental Goals Now Posted!

The Environmental Affairs Committee has undertaken an initiative to revise the ACI-NA Environmental Goals originally developed in 2008. The purpose of this initiative is to better align ACI-NA’s Environmental Goals with broader industry activities, ACI World policies and our own members’ priorities. The updated goals contain high level, aspirational goal statements with specific suggested actions that airports and ACI-NA can take to help meet these goals, and are intended to preserve flexibility for airports to determine their own targets and priorities. The Environmental Goals are linked below, with the more extensive goal background  documents available for download under the "Other Resources" section of the committee website. The goal background documents are intended to serve as a resource for members and contains additional information and reference material. The ACI-NA Board of Directors approved these updated goals at the 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition. 

Click below to download the revised goals.

environmental_goals-1_pager.pdf304.04 KB
ghg_revised_10.15.pdf100.87 KB
noise_revised_10.15.pdf67.85 KB
compatible_land_use.pdf189.86 KB
reduce_discharge_of_deicers_revised_10.15.pdf66.21 KB
energy_revised_10.15.pdf62.77 KB
local_air_quality_revised_10.15.pdf79.91 KB
water_conservation_revised_10.15.pdf90.18 KB
solid_waste_revised_10.15.pdf67.75 KB
ems_revised_10.15.pdf93.13 KB