FAA Convenes International Stakeholder Meeting

On Tuesday, Carey Fagan, FAA’s Executive Director for International Affairs, convened the first stakeholder outreach meeting in more than a year to discuss the office’s new structure and personnel.

Representatives from trade associations, airlines, labor union unions and aircraft and component manufacturers were briefed on the role the International Affairs office would play with “Destination 2025,” the FAA strategic plan that covers safety, international access, global collaboration, sustainability and the workplace of the future.  Information was also provided on FAA priorities for upcoming international safety, environmental and air traffic management meetings. 

Julie Oettinger, FAA’s Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment, also provided information on the executive leadership of the office, which also includes:

Carl Burleson, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment;

Nan Shellabarger, Executive Director, Aviation Policy and Plans;

Dr. Lourdes Maurice, Executive Director for Environment and Energy.

Four associations representing key sectors of aviation (ACI-NA, ATA, GAMA and IATA) were asked to discuss their top priorities and challenges within the international context. Diane Peterson, ACI-NA’s Senior Advisor for International Affairs, provided the information for airports discussing safety, environment, air traffic management and infrastructure issues of concern. She also emphasized the importance of funding for airport infrastructure, stating that “U.S. airports need to ensure that appropriate infrastructure is available to handle increased international traffic and compete in the global marketplace.”