FAA Releases Recycling Guidance

Yesterday, the FAA released its guidance memo “Guidance on Airport Recycling, Reuse, and Waste Reductions Plans.”  Its purpose is to provide airports with guidance on preparing recycling, reuse, and waste reduction plans as an element of a master plan or master plan update, within a sustainability planning document, or as a stand-alone document.  The guidance is immediately applicable to all Federally-obligated airports that are preparing or updating an airport master plan, sustainability master plan, or stand-alone airport recycling, reuse, and waste reduction plan.  The FAA will continue to update this guidance based on stakeholder input and it will eventually be incorporated into the update of AC 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans.

Several ACI-NA Environmental Affairs Committee members were involved on the industry task group which developed the precursor to this guidance document, titled “Recycling, Reuse and Waste Reduction at Airports: A Synthesis Document,” which was published in April 2013.

For further information regarding the new memo, please visit the FAA Airport Environmental Program page:  http://www.faa.gov/airports/environmental/

Please contact Katherine Preston (kpreston@aci-na.org) with any questions or concerns.