FAA Reviewing Design Standards for Airport Solar Projects

Last week, the FAA announced that it is reflectivity requirements for airport solar projects contained in its guidance document, Technical Guidance for Evaluating Selected Solar Technologies on Airports. As stated in the announcement, "All users of this guidance are hereby notified that significant content in this section may be subject to change, and the FAA cautions users against relying solely on this section at this time."

We believe that the FAA's review of reflectivity standards stem from concerns raised by FAA air traffic control tower representatives concerning the glint and glare from solar arrays at some airports that have implemented them.

In advance of FAA completing its review, ACI-NA strongly recommends that airports involved in the planning or design of solar facilities (1) conduct thorough reflectivity analyses and (2) coordinate directly with FAA airport traffic control tower staff in their planning and design efforts.

ACI-NA will be continuing to monitor this issue