"This Flight" Print Ads Promote FWA's Newest Nonstop Hubs

Print Communications

The “This Flight” campaign was launched following American’s announcement of new nonstop service from FWA to PHL and CLT. Print ads were a very important element of the campaign. The premise behind the print ads was to remind the community that, with access to seven major hubs now, they can essentially get anywhere from FWA. We wanted to promote the destinations themselves and also popular connecting opportunities through the hubs. We found that through print, we were able to find compelling imagery that depicted a “flight” taking place (i.e. over a waterfall, in a hot air balloon ride, or atop someone’s shoulders), all originated from FWA. The ads depict “flights” in Philadelphia, Charlotte, New York City, and London.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

The goal of these print ads was to increase the awareness of FWA's new nonstop flights and overall connecting opportunities. We planned to drive traffic to the two newest routes by making sure the public was aware that American had launched new service and also that the flights created ample connecting opportunity for reaching our top markets (NYC domestically and London internationally).

Aside from being printed in Fort Wayne's top publications, CVB and Chamber directories, we had the ads blown up to approximately 4' x 6' to be displayed on windows at area businesses, such as the Chamber of Commerce. We also had two of the ads printed double-sided on cards that were handed out at various events and speaking engagements. These tactics supplemented the traditional publications and ensured that our message reached an even larger audience.

2. Production: 

The PHL and CLT "flights" were originally developed by Asher Agency, the airport’s advertising and PR agency of record. As soon as we saw the “this flight” text, however, we chose to elaborate on the idea and show “flights” taking place around the world. The locations, images, and text were selected by airport authority staff.

3. Evaluation: 

We have found that thanks to the “This Flight” campaign and associated print advertising, the community has become more aware of the flight options at FWA. The number of seats at FWA was up 19% in July 2015 compared to July 2014 and likewise, traffic is up 15% year-to-date - a staggering statistic compared to other like-sized airports. We succeeded in reaching our target audience and beyond by also evolving these print ads into attractive window displays, handouts, and in-terminal signage.

4. Budget: 

Asher Agency completed all layout and design at a rate of $135/hour (approx. 20 hours total). Michiana Business Publications handles all in-terminal advertising at FWA and traded ad placement in its Business People monthly magazine at no cost to the authority. The ads also appeared in Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly for 13 weeks at approximately $1,147/week and Fort Wayne Monthly magazine once (in October, following the launch of service) for approximately $1,385.