FLL Park Smart. Park Onsite

Radio Advertising

As part of a fully-integrated advertising campaign for FLL’s onsite parking facilities, FLL created a series of :30 and :15 radio spots. The media plan included local on-demand radio on Pandora, streaming radio.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

• Build community awareness of FLL’s parking enhancements and encourage trial among those who were no longer parking on-site.
• Establish benchmark numbers (metrics) to quantify the effectiveness of the campaign and provide data for continuous optimization.

2. Production: 

FLL’s advertising agency, Starmark, created the :30’s and :15’s to run independently on a rotating basis. The radio ads included the corresponding television spots that played on the listener’s mobile device or computer screen while the ads played. The ads finished with a static digital image (companion tile) that remained on screen until the next series of ads played. The assets were created in English and Spanish.

The spots ran for 8 out of 12 months in 1 year. The strategy is to rotate messaging and add new spots as new attributes are developed. Spots were created for general program, curbside valet, wayfinding system, FLL APP, online reservations and parking loyalty program.

3. Evaluation: 

Since the campaign started in October, 2015 the Pandora radio spots have performed well above market average.
• Average clicks per month 13,839 for English ads
• .59% click through rate (industry average is .08%) for English ads
• Average clicks per month for Spanish ads 3,010
• .71% click through rate (industry average is .08%) for Spanish ads

4. Budget: 

Creative/Production: $ 3,945.00
Media: $53,500 (8 out of 12 months flight)