Mobile Websites & Apps: 1st Place

Indianapolis International Airport Mobile Site


In 2013, the Indianapolis Airport Authority completed a project to substantially improve the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) mobile-optimized website. Thanks to the upgrades, which include a real-time-location-based interactive map, IND's mobile-optimized site makes it even easier for passengers and other visitors to quickly and easily gain access to pertinent information about the airport and its many amenities, including concessionaires and other services.

Project Goals: 

The new mobile version of our full desktop website was designed to load quickly on mobile and tablet devices, while placing focus on the most important information a visitor may need. Our desire was to make it easy for a visitor to obtain the latest flight information, navigate the terminal and parking areas, and locate ground transportation. The design and function of the site was also focused on drawing attention to our many shopping and dining opportunities.

To facilitate this objective, key features of the full desktop version of the website were incorporated into the mobile version, such as up-to-the-minute flight status for arrivals and departures, maps & directions, parking & ground transportation information, as well as information about the various shops, dining, services, and other amenities that can be found at IND.

An especially helpful feature of the mobile website is the interactive airport map, which allows visitors to not only view the terminal map, but also see where they are located on the map using GPS (i.e. “you are here”) and then filter items shown on the map by item type. There are 19 types of items that can be displayed on the interactive map, such as parking, dining, shopping, restrooms, gate numbers and their assigned airlines, and charging stations.


The Indianapolis Airport Authority teamed up with Creative Street Media Group – a local, Indianapolis-based web development firm – in order to plan, develop, and launch the new mobile-optimized version of the website. Creative Street had also created the full version of the website and has hosted and supported it since 2009.

Services provided by Creative Street for the purpose of this project included planning, project scoping and management, graphic design, front-end and server-side web development, database development, platform & device testing, and hosting services and support.


When comparing the first full month operating with the enhanced mobile site to the full month prior to the rollout of the new site, we saw a 47% increase in mobile users, including a 22% increase in new mobile users. We also saw an 8% increase in pages per visit and a 5% increase in the average visit duration. These statistics were derived solely from mobile and tablet users in Google Analytics. They were based on mobile site activity of Feb 1, 2014 - Mar 3, 2014 vs. Dec 1, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013 in order to avoid substantial deviations above normal site traffic levels created by historically severe winter weather events in January. Both periods include 31 days of site activity. By all metrics, since the new mobile site was rolled out, we have seen an increase in traffic and user engagement.


The cost of developing the new mobile-optimized version of the website was $27,000.