Industry Comments Needed--FAA Issues Draft of AC 150/5300-13A, Airport Design

The FAA has issued a draft of the “substantially revised” AC 150/5300-13A, Airport Design.  AC 150/5300-13 was originally published in 1989 and has been incrementally changed 18 times.  The updated draft, AC 150/5300-13A has been completely updated to incorporate all 18 changes as well as new standards and technical requirements.

Additionally, the new AC:

  • Introduces the Runway Design Code (RDC), the Runway Reference Code (RRC), and the Taxiway Design Group (TDG) concept for fillet design
  • Expands the discussion on Declared Distances and the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)
  • Establishes a minimum separation between non-intersecting runways
  • Includes Runway Incursion Prevention geometry for new construction
  • Consolidates many design tables into an interactive Runway Design Requirements Matrix
  • Adds hyperlinks to other documents and to make it easier to navigate within this document

As we stated at the Operations & Technical Affairs Conference two weeks ago in Las Vegas, FAA has been planning on releasing this update for some time.  The held an industry day last month, which ACI-NA attended, to present the changes to the industry and begin gathering comments. 

Due to the importance of this document and the substantive changes, FAA has put the draft out to the full industry and will be accepting and adjudicating all pertinent comments.  Comments should be submitted in the FAA provided Comment Matrixand are due back to FAA by July 6, 2012.  Comments should be submitted to

ACI-NA will also be submitting industry wide comments.  If you would like to have your comments included in ACI-NA’s consolidated submittal, please e-mail them to Chris Oswald ( or Matt Griffin ( by June 22, 2012.