John Wayne Airport 2015 Annual Report

Annual Reports

John Wayne Airport (JWA), owned and operated by the County of Orange, is the only commercial service airport in Orange County, CA. While not legally required to produce an annual report, JWA chooses to do so as an effective way to communicate with its diverse audiences, including financial institutions, elected and governmental officials, local corporations and businesses, travel industries, professional and community organizations, Airport tenants, volunteers and employees, and of course, the traveling public.

Produced in 2016, John Wayne Airport’s interactive, digital 2015 Annual Report featured a welcome video message from JWA’s new Airport Director, Barry A. Rondinella and also focused on the ongoing strength of JWA and recent accomplishments in areas that align with Rondinella’s three key goals: maintain excellent safety and security, offer a superior guest experience and be a good neighbor to the local communities served.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

JWA creates an annual report to provide our most recent audited financial statements and is one of the many tools we use to effectively communicate with our stakeholders about the day-to-day operations at the Airport while sharing the accomplishments of the previous year.

Objective 1: Emphasize John Wayne Airport’s value to the community, commitment to safety and fiscal responsibility.

Objective 2: Create awareness of JWA’s variety of air service and nonstop destinations.

2. Production: 

The team, made up of the JWA project manager and graphic design consultant, We The Creative (WTC), determined the Airport’s message could best be described by incorporating impactful bullet statements and imagery that resonate with the target audience.

The consultant worked with the JWA team to develop a theme and create an outline for the Annual Report encompassing four key message areas: Safe and Secure; A Superior Guest Experience; A Good Neighbor; and Solid Financial Strength. Together, the consultant and JWA’s project manager created copy for the Annual Report that would complement the subtle animations that enhanced the reader’s experience when viewing the report. Within each topic area, informative bullets and graphics were employed to visually enhance the content of the report.

The final product was posted to, the Airport’s website, and selected information and links to the report were promoted on JWA’s social media sites. To maximize the reach of the Annual Report for distribution, notifications of the Annual Report availability were sent by multiple channels including mailing 1,200 printed postcards, e-mail blast to a subscribers list of more than 3,200 individuals and posting to the Airport employee intranet site.

3. Evaluation: 

The 2015 Annual Report is exactly what JWA envisioned, demonstrating our value to the community and introducing JWA’s new Airport Director Barry A. Rondinella with a welcome video message. The report focused on the ongoing financial strength of JWA and recent accomplishments in areas that align with Rondinella’s three key goals: maintaining excellent safety and security, offering a superior guest experience and being a good neighbor to the local communities served.
Clearly documenting the required financial statements, the creatively designed report communicates via crisp images and descriptive text previous year’s financial and operational successes. The report is supported by compelling copy and communicates essential information in a colorful and imaginative manner with a tone that’s positive and professional.

Objective #1: Emphasize JWA’s value to the community, commitment to safety and fiscal responsibility.

This was accomplished by creating sections called “Safe and Secure,” “A Good Neighbor” and “Solid Financial Strength,” highlighting within each the advances and accomplishments achieved throughout the year. The information within each section is presented in a way that is visually appealing and easy to read, from safety and security training at JWA and an improved noise monitoring system to detailed financials demonstrating the solid financial strength of John Wayne Airport.

Objective #2: Create awareness of JWA’s variety of air service and nonstop destinations.

This was accomplished by creating a section called “A Superior Guest Experience” that showcased today’s top travel destinations, expanded air service and new nonstop destinations introduced in 2015.

The Annual Report has received more than 1,500 views to date, with more than half of those views occurring within the first month of distribution.

4. Budget: 

John Wayne Airport’s digital annual report was completed under budget at $49,000, a savings of $4,900 from the original $53,900 JWA had budgeted in Fiscal Year 2015-2016 for the project.

Two consultants worked on this project under close direction from the JWA project manager: a graphic design firm and a mail house that processed the mailing of postcards. WTC provided strategy, copywriting, graphic design, video production, printing and web development services. Approximately 240 staff hours were expended on the project.