July 2014 Sustainability Newsletter Now Available!


The Environmental Affairs Committee Sustainability Working Group has released its seventh Sustainability Newsletter! A big thanks goes out to the Working Group Chair, Cynthia Parker of Phoenix Sky-Harbor, Working Group Co-chair, Emily Sing of San Francisco International Airport and Gene Peters of Ricondo & Associates for putting together this newsletter. Thanks to all the guest contributors as well- their insight helps to make this publication a great way to stay up to date on the latest sustainability initiatives in the industry.

The July 2014 edition features Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in the "Green Airport Spotlight" for their committment to operating sustainably. The airport has implemented an impressive array of unique innovative programs ranging from a "Green Commuter Rebate Program" to a terminal waste recycling program, responsible for recycling 40% of terminal waste. YVR works closely with their community stakeholders in order to ensure that they are informed, involved, and supportive of the airport's decisions. Read more about YVR's initiatives to gain insight into their holistic approach to sustainability. 

This month's newsletter also features an article by Maria Pope, of John Wayne Airport, in which she discusses clean "cogeneration" power generating facilities at the airport. You don't want to miss Los Angeles World Airport's very own Robert Freeman explain how an invasive plant species present on protected airport property has become a favorite snack for many critters at the Los Angeles Zoo. For news on the Port of Oakland's Climate Change Adaptation Planning initiatives, Susan Fizzell provides insight. Kane Carpenter and Jim Halbrook, from the City of Austin Aviation Department, explain how Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has integrated live music into the airport's culture of sustainability. Mary Vigilante of Synergy Consultants provides a closer look at ACRP updates. An overview of Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Framework and its' importance for airports is provided by Craig Riley of URS Corporation. A special feature by the Airports Going Green Team is sure to entertain.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues, and if you have a feature idea for the next edition, please contact Katherine Preston at kpreston@aci-na.org, Cynthia Parker at cynthia.parker@phoenix.gov or Emily Sing at emily.sing@flysfo.com.

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July 2014 Sustainability Newsletter. 

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