Memphis International Airport First Team MEM Mockumentary


As part of a rebranding campaign, Memphis International Airport entered into a partnership with the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team, and added Grizzlies forward Tony Allen as a celebrity spokesperson. The airport featured Allen in its marketing campaign. Part of the campaign involved the creation of a "mockumentary" that examined Allen's role with the airport. The video was created in the vein of the popular TV show "The Office" and its release was used to promote the launch of MEM's redesigned website,

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

The Memphis Grizzlies are one of the most popular entities in Memphis. By partnering with such a beloved local organization, the airport believed that we could reach more passengers as well as increase positive opinions about the airport. While the video was created to entertain the public, it also contains key messages about the airport's growth, reduction in average fares, and encourages viewers to visit the new Memphis International Airport website, In summary, the primary goals were to increase positive public opinion and to drive traffic to the new website.

2. Production: 

The video was shot over the course of one day at Memphis International Airport. Tony Allen was filmed in a number of vignettes along with actual airport employees and a few extras and volunteers. The message drove home some of the airport's recent accomplishments with a humorous storyline that featured airport employees getting upset that Tony Allen was receiving all of the credit for MEM's turnaround. The video was released in conjunction with the launch of the redesigned airport website, The night before the public launch of the website, the airport hosted a reception to debut the website and the video, and invited local community leaders and the media. A video loop was created to show how to navigate the website, and Ipads were placed around the room to allow guests to surf the new website. Allen also appeared at the reception to discuss his role and interact with guests. Because the mockumentary ran over four minutes, smaller 30-second and 15-second teaser videos were created to help promote the full video and drive more website traffic. These teasers were aired at local movie theaters and promoted via social media by MEM, the Grizzlies, and other community leaders. Marketing firm RedRover coordinated this project and came up with the initial concept and promotional ideas. The airport's Community Outreach area and RedRover worked together on the script, and a subcontractor of RedRover, Prodigi Arts, was responsible for the videography and editing.
Full Video:

3. Evaluation: 

The video generated a tremendous amount of publicity and coverage. The website had more than 2800 visitors and 6500 page views in the first 48 hours after the launch. The mockumentary received more than 3,000 views during that time, and eventually more than 60,000 views. It was covered in the local and national media as well. The video has since been edited and a new version posted with some changes to the voice over. Overall website growth has been tremendous since the launch. Since 4th quarter 2015, MEM has seen an increase of of 971% in total unique views and 1,069% in total visits compared to quarters 1-3 in 2015. Customer satisfaction has also increased by 13% since 3rd quarter 2015.

Media Coverage:

4. Budget: 

The cost to produce the video was about $18,000. This included work from MEM's marketing partner RedRover and a local video production company, as well as props and hiring extras. The budget for the movie theater ads was $1240.