MNAA Takes Safety and Security from Ordinary to Entertaining

Video & Film Productions

Safety and security are always the top priority for Nashville International Airport (BNA)—for both travelers and employees. Like all airports, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority’s (MNAA) employees are on the front lines and are often the first to spot hazards or dangerous situations. MNAA constantly reinforces the importance of safety through various communications and holds an annual Safety Day in June where its 290 employees are given a refresher course on the airport’s policies and best practices. As part of Safety Day, MNAA developed and produced a short video that encouraged employees to report safety hazards and reinforced their role in keeping BNA safe and secure.

Shot in grayscale with a vintage tone, the video channels the look and feel of traditional instructional videos that employees could recall from previous experiences. It also weaved in a light-hearted, humorous script that allowed MNAA to walk employees through a step-by-step process while keeping the audience engaged and attentive. The video showcased real-life situations and examples of safety hazards that employees could relate to and understand. Importantly, it reinforced the importance of safety and the role that every department plays.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

To engage employees and reinforce MNAA’s safety and security policies and procedures, encouraging employees to spot and report safety hazards at the airport.

2. Production: 

MNAA’s Safety Committee and Corporate Communications team developed the initial concept and script for the video and engaged an independent videographer to film and produce.

It was important for the video to portray real airport employees in their natural work environment and convey the importance of safety and security. Additionally, creating a fun video that engaged the audience and delivered the messages in a new, unexpected way would be vital in reinforcing a culture of safety. With this in mind, the safety video team developed a humorous and light-hearted script, all the while supporting the main message – report safety hazards.

Once script development was complete, MNAA moved toward shooting and producing. The entire video was shot in one day, using MNAA employees as actors, and post-production quickly followed, with the final product in hand one week later. The team worked closely with the videographer during the post-production phase to ensure the video focused on the right messages and carried the right tone. The final product was a professionally produced video that took safety and security from ordinary to entertaining and placed an important message at the top of employees’ minds.

3. Evaluation: 

MNAA’s safety video was viewed by more than 200 of MNAA’s 290 employees at the organization’s annual Safety Day in June 2015. Following the event, the video was added to YouTube as an unlisted video. A link to the YouTube video was then emailed to all employees to view as their schedule permitted. The video has received more than 130 views on YouTube. Additionally, the positive anecdotal feedback was perhaps the ultimate measure of success as employees shared how the video provided a fresh take on a relatively routine—but important—topic. The airport now receives 15-20 submissions each month to its safety contest, where employees spot safety hazards in exchange for a small prize, an increase from the previous 3-5 submissions per month.

4. Budget: 

Total budget for the development and production of the video was $3,500.