New Field Condition Reporting Requirements Begin Tomorrow- October 1; FAA Makes Wet Reporting Optional at ACI-NA Request

Tomorrow morning, at 5:00am EDT, the FAA will implement new field condition reporting requirements as described in AC 150/5200-30D, Airport Field Condition Assessments and Winter Operations Safety.  While ACI-NA remains concerned that insufficient time has been provided for airports and other stakeholders to prepare for the new reporting requirements, FAA today made wet reporting requirements optional in a CertAlert, expected to be published this afternoon around 5:00pm EDT (ACI-NA will send a follow-up message once the CertAlert is published).

This CertAlert, which was developed in accordance with ACI-NA’s request on September 21, highly encourages airports to report wet conditions, but eliminates the requirement they do so. In addition to the CertAlert, the FAA is issuing a minor update to AC 150/5200-30D that makes it consistent with the CertAlert.  

ACI-NA will be continuing to work with members, the FAA, flight operators and other key stakeholders to address concerns associated with the new requirements and clarify any areas of continuing confusion. We encourage you to report and new issues you may have with the new reporting requirements and associated upgrade of FAA’s NOTAM Manager to either ACI-NA’s Chris Oswald or Paul Eubanks.