Operational and Procedural Guidelines

ACI-NA Standing Committees, Steering Groups
Working Groups & Task Forces
September 2007

The following guidelines describing Standing Committees, Steering Groups, Working Groups and Task Forces were prepared following a process soliciting input from the Board of Directors and existing committees.  The ACI-NA Board of Directors approved the guidelines at its September meeting during the 16th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Kansas City, MO.


Standing Committees

Definition - A roster of member representatives who have an interest in the Standing Committee’s subject area.  Participants receive information from ACI-NA staff on developments and issues involving the committee’s subject area; network and interact with their colleagues from other airports and aviation-related companies to evaluate issues; provide guidance on ACI-NA policy positions; and hold conferences and special seminars to advance members’ understanding of issues, trends, and developments.  

Reports to - Executive Committee of the Board of Directors through the Committee Chair and the Board Liaison.

Participation - All ACI-NA standing committees are open to all employees of ACI-NA member organizations.  Each ACI-NA Official Representative is authorized to designate one member as the Principal Contact for each committee.  In addition, any individual employed by a member organization may also join the standing committee by simply asking the Committee Chair or Secretary to be placed on the Standing Committee list.

Size - Unlimited, but with an objective of having at least one representative from each Airport member and from each Associate member seeking to participate in the Standing Committee.

Leadership - Consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair (optional) and Associate Representative.  Unless otherwise requested by the Committee leadership and approved by the President: 

  • Each leadership position will be for a one or two-year term, at the discretion of the committee.
  • To facilitate continuity, it is expected that at the end of the Chair’s term, the Vice Chair would become Chair, and the Second Vice Chair would become Vice Chair. 
  • The Associate Representative would be selected by the incoming Chair. 
  • The Second Vice Chair and the Associate Representative should serve on the Committee Steering Group for at least one year prior to taking a leadership post. 
  • Candidates for Second Vice Chair may be nominated by any Committee Steering Group Member, or may be self-nominated, and are to be elected by the Committee Steering Group pursuant to a ballot process. 
  • Vice Chairs are subject to approval by the First Vice Chair of the Board of Directors in accordance with the ACI-NA bylaws. (The same guidelines apply to Steering Group Leadership, below)
  • The ACI-NA Board of Directors will also appoint a Board Liaison to participate in the leadership group.

Meetings - Meet as participants in full committee meetings held in conjunction with conferences.  Committees are encouraged to meet with other Committees at the ACI-NA Annual Conference to discuss issues of joint interest. Committee leaders may also meet in January at ACI-NA’s offices in Washington, D.C., to share information about their programs and plans for the year.


Committee Steering Group

Definition - Small group of Standing Committee members, including the Committee Leadership and Board Liaison, who develop work plans, analyze and review industry issues as needed, evaluate alternatives, recommend policies to the Board of Directors and help plan committee meetings and conferences.

Reports to - Standing Committee.

Participation and Size – The Committee Secretary is required to maintain a Participation Plan approved by the President.  The proposed Participation Plan shall be submitted for approval through the ACI-NA staff Committee Secretary, shall be reviewed/renewed annually, and shall be available to all members through the ACI-NA website at all times.  At a minimum, the Participation Plan is required to outline the following:

  • The size of the Steering Group
  • Any term limits for Steering Group members
  • A process to encourage Steering Group participation by Associate members, including any limitations
  • Means for designating positions for Canadian members
  • A program for encouraging individuals to newly participate as a Steering Group member
  • A method by which Steering Group membership is to be reviewed when a Steering Group member changes between member employers or leaves the employ of a member organization and is not subsequently employed by another member organization
  • Role of Working Group and Task Force chairs in the Steering Group
  • Ballot process and schedule for electing new members to the Steering Group
  • List of Steering Group meeting dates and locations for year
  • Mission statement for related Working Group or Task Force
  • Committee Work Plan (template to be provided to Steering Groups)

In order to remain in good standing and to facilitate access for individuals seeking to participate in Steering Group activities:  

  • The Steering Group members must attend at least two Steering Group meetings each year or they may be asked to resign their position by the Chair.
  • Membership is limited to one representative from any member organization unless approved by the President.

Leadership – Same as for the Standing Committee.

Meetings - The Committee Steering Group will meet at the ACI-NA Annual Conference, at the topic-appropriate Conferences, and up to two other coordination meetings, as necessary.    Non-Steering Group members may attend Steering Group meetings, subject to participation rules established by the Chair for each meeting.  

The Chair may move to limit Steering Group meeting attendance only for particular discussion topics by proposing to temporarily meet in executive session, subject to a seconding of the motion by another Steering Group member and an approval vote of the Steering Group.  Such topics may include discussion of litigation or where a conflict of interest may be present.


Working Groups

Definition - A group of committee members that advise the Committee Steering Group on issues and conference programming related to a specific subject area. 

Reports to - Committee Steering Group

Participation and Size – Each Working Group shall have a Participation Plan similar to that outlined above for Standing Committees.  The Participation Plan is subject to approval by the President and shall be available to all members through the ACI-NA website.

Leadership – Established on a case-by-case basis as determined by the relevant Steering Group.

Meetings - The Working Groups may meet by conference call, and when there is an official Committee Steering Group meeting, or as deemed appropriate by the Working Group leadership in consultation with assigned ACI-NA staff, who may need to gain required internal travel and budgetary approvals of ACI-NA.


Task Forces 

Definition - Group of committee members established for a finite period of time for a specific purpose or task, such as planning a conference, as determined by the Steering Group.

Reports to - Committee Steering Group.

Participation and Size – Established on a case-by-case basis as determined by the relevant Steering Group.

Leadership - Established on a case-by-case basis as determined by the relevant Steering Group.

Meetings – Same as for Working Groups.