Pi(e)π Day of the Century

Special Events

On March 14, 2015, an event occurring only once per century occurred, 3.14.15 or Pi Day of the Century (after the mathematical computation that never ends 3.1415……). St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, also known by its call letters PIE, celebrated (a day early on Friday the 13th) by giving away free pie to about 1200 passengers, drive by visitors, and greeters. We also took the opportunity to deliver pies to our tenants and business partners, some of which bought our special pie day shirts to wear. All airport staff and volunteers wore special Celebrate Pi(π) Day t-shirts and served strawberry, key-lime, and other assorted flavors to anyone at the airport between 1:30 pm until 3:14 pm. Passengers were served while waiting in hold rooms or in bag claim after getting off their plane. At the curb, we serve drive-by pie to the “meeters and greeters” and anyone else who heard about the promotion and wanted to stop by. With every slice, each customer received a Route Map marketing our airlines and destinations. slice.

To top it off, we launched our twitter account @iflypie surrounding this event and capitalized on the many Pi day hashtags(#).

An added bonus was this was a great team building and fun event for the staff, volunteers, and tenants at PIE.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

Our goal was to surprise and make our customers happy! We wanted to take advantage of this special day and promote our brand and unique call letters (PIE, easy as PIE, fly to PIE). Another goal was to launch our twitter account with a unique twist. And, we wanted to generate good public and media relations about the friendliness and ease of our airport.

2. Production: 

Pi(e)π Day was produced in house. Our twitter account launch was aided during the event time period by our website’s marketing agency vendor.

3. Evaluation: 

Over 1200 of our customers/potential customers had a great moment at PIE, leaving or arriving with a great impression and a smile. News media (tv and print) promoted and covered the event. Pi(e)π Day was successfully used to launch our twitter handle @iflypie.

4. Budget: 

Items purchased by vendors as follows:
Pies and serving supplies - $2400
Celebrate Pi(e) π day t-shirts (72) - $360
Twitter launch Marketing Agency assistance - $375
Total - $3,135