Suite of Brochures, SFO Museum

Print Communications

Created in 1980, SFO Museum was the first cultural institution of its kind located in an international airport. An ever-changing schedule of over forty exhibitions per year on a diverse range of subjects provides an educational and cultural experience for more than 40 million passengers who use the Airport annually. Free brochures accompany exhibitions in the seven major galleries located throughout the terminals, and allow the public to stay current on the Museum’s offerings, plan their extra time at the Airport, and broaden their awareness of the varying exhibition topics.

Entry Statement

1. Project Goals: 

The goal of the brochure series is to provide supplemental material for the Museum’s exhibitions program; increase SFO Museum recognition; and provide travelers and non-travelers with a beautiful souvenir of their visit to SFO.

2. Production: 

Object selection and photography, accompanying text, and graphic design are all done by Museum staff. Printing is managed through SFO’s on-site, internal print shop and is performed by an outside contractor.

3. Evaluation: 

Brochure stands were mounted at either end of the Museum’s largest exhibition site, located in Terminal 3; at the exhibition introduction stands for two pre-security galleries in the International Terminal; and at the Aviation Museum and Library, located pre-security in the International Terminal. Each brochure stand has five slots, and each slot holds approximately 40 brochures for different exhibits currently on view. Staff refill the brochure stands three times per week, noting that the slots are often completely empty.

4. Budget: 

The total time spent on the production of each brochure was 10-15 hours total, with up to five contributing staff members. The cost of printing 8,000 brochures per exhibition is approximately $2,800.