U.S. Sequestration Update--FAA Provides Guidance on Contract Tower Closure

Executive Summary: Today, the FAA provided the dates that funding will cease at all 149 FAA Contract Towers selected for closure.  Funding will cease for 24 towers on April 7, for 46 towers on April 21 and for 79 towers on May 7.  Additionally, the FAA provided basic guidance on how they will work with airports to close down and/or turn over responsibility of Air Traffic Control Services and/or equipment to airport operators.    

Who is Impacted: Airports with contract towers on the FAA's closure list.

What is ACI-NA Doing: ACI-NA is continuing to coordinate with officials from both the FAA Office of Airports and the FAA Air Traffic Organization to ensure tower closures take place safely and that adverse impacts to the National Air Transportation System associated with the closures are minimized. We continue to encourage impacted airports to provide us with any additional questions they may have on their tower closure and/or turnover procedures.  As we have stated before, following tower closures, we will work with affected members to determine the scope and scale of adverse impacts--including safety degradation, capacity constraints, and reductions in aviation activity.

Suggested Airport Actions: FAA has provided a 24-hour help line at 202-267-4376 or questions can be emailed to FCTTransition@faa.gov. General information and Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) will be posted on the FAA website at www.faa.gov.  Inquiries from these sources will be routed to the appropriate FAA Line of Business (LOB) for resolution. FAA has stated their goal is to provide an initial response within two business days.